About Us

We are ERP CATALYSTS, one of the leading resellers of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software in Nigeria

We help organizations make the right decisions about business management software and the underlying technical infrastructure they rely on every day to help run their day to day operations. We advise, sell, implement, train and support a wide range of software, offer up to date deployment solutions and support over 400 clients in major industry sectors including manufacturing, distribution, not for profit and the service sector, as well as in niche markets.

Formed in 2019, we have established a successful business built upon delivering quality in everything we do, operating with integrity and openness to build long term partnerships with our clients. These are values demonstrated by our loyal staff who are at the heart of our operation and is the foremost reason why we win new clients and, more importantly, we keep them

ERP CATALYSTS’s culture isn’t expressly defined, nor is it often discussed amongst staff. It is inherent and has grown from like-minded management and employees who fundamentally want to do a great job. The ethical and honest way we do business is reflected in how we treat our staff, our business partners and our clients. We want to be successful and we want those that we work with to be successful believing that you can achieve this through open, straightforward relationships, a little humor and lots of hard work.

We don’t make judgement on previous decisions you may have made. We don’t disregard the work of previous IT suppliers. And we don’t try to sell you something that simply won’t fit. Regardless of who you work with at ERP CATALYSTS we strive to offer you the best advice possible and develop a long standing partnership with you so that we all get the most from the time and resource invested upfront. And we start by listening.

Only by listening to what the client is really saying and understanding the priorities for an individual business can we make suggestions that are going to deliver results. And delivering results makes us all happy.

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We Are Sage Business Partner, Quickbooks Pro Advisor, Tally Certified And SAP Associates, One of the top Business Management Software Provider in Nigeria. At ERP CATALYSTS , We listen to you to understand your processes and determine what is important to your business