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ERP CATALYSTS is a Certified ERP Consulting firm with 20 years of experience in delivering ERP and CRM software solutions to Nigeria and global businesses. We offer a comprehensive service to our clients formed around Sage software solutions, Intuit, Tally Pvt Ltd and SAP. With extensive technical infrastructure skills, ERP CATALYSTS can help you to design, procure and install a technical platform to support all of your business applications. From traditional on-premise solutions to fully hosted managed services in the cloud, ERP CATALYSTS gets technology working hard for your business.


ERP CATALYSTS offers a range of software solutions to fit your size, industry or the complexity of your business.

What is ERP software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a type of software that connects day-to-day business processes, including: Inventory and order management, supply chain, accounting, human resources, procurement and customer relationship management.

Why you need an ERP system

An ERP system allows you to store data about your daily business tasks in one central location. It provides essential insights into your company – including areas for improvement – and ensures you comply with financial regulations. Access to real-time data will streamline daily operations and make it easier to run your business. You can efficiently collaborate across all departments, at the same time.


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We Are Sage Business Partner, Quickbooks Pro Advisor, Tally Certified And SAP Associates, One of the top Business Management Software Provider in Nigeria. At ERP CATALYSTS , We listen to you to understand your processes and determine what is important to your business